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The Rossiter System


Be part of your own recovery


Sharon Emery is a Certified Rossiter Coach. 

The Rossiter System  is a Two person stretch workout  which allows you to strrrrrrretch out those areas that other stretches and exercises just don't reach. It is powerful, innovative and unique and addresses the cause of pain. Through a series of powerful active assisted stretches the person in charge (PIC) - YOU and coach (Me) work together to create space in contracted fascia or connective tissue. If you have injuries or overworked, tense contracted muscles, Rossiter is an effective way to work out and stretch connective tissue allowing freer movement and a softening of hard tight muscles tendons and ligaments etc.


The video below is Richard Rossiter explaining how his system works.


Richard Rossiter is a former US helicopter pilot.  He endured severe shoulder pain of more than 10yrs after being shot down in Vietnam. Inspired by his own recovery receiving Rolfing treatments he went on to become a Certified Advanced Rolfer (connective tissue specialist). He used his knowledge and experience to develop the Rossiter System of workouts. 


Rossiter system testimonial video


How does Rossiter work?  

In the Rossiter workouts there is The Person in Charge ( PIC) and the Coach. There is no need to undress. The PIC (you) lies on a mat on the floor and the coach applies pressure on specific areas. The PIC does what is called a 'lock' flexing both feet - this gives the stretch its full power. For example, the PIC moves the foot up and down against the weight and warmth of coach’s foot. The PIC can feel where the problems areas are, ie stuck painful, tight areas. The Rossiter system empowers you to be part of your own recovery. It helps you to get out of your own pain with the coach assisting you and directing the techniques making sure they are carried out safely and accurately. The locks also apply to upper body techniques (see videos below). 

What is connective tissue? 

Connective tissue is enveloped over every tendon, ligament, organ, nerve, artery and muscle of the body.  Layers of fascia surround and connect all our parts together, giving us shape and form. From feet to fingertips, front and back we are one big fascial sheath. Connective tissue is our bodies  system of space. If it tightens and shortens with age, overuse, under use and injury it contracts and shrinks creating limited movement and pain. Fascia holds onto not only physical pain, but also mental and emotional pain.

How long is a session? 

A Rossiter workout can be anything from 25mins (or even less) to an hour. Throughout the session the PIC is encouraged to notice after each technique has been applied how they feel - to go walk and observe 'what  happened'. You may notice that you can feel changes almost immediately as you walk around. The results are quick and people usually report a feeling of 'lightness', freedom of movement, 'feeling taller’ and noticing that their posture has improved.

Conditions that may benefit from The Rossiter System:

  •  Stiff necks

  •  Sore/tight shoulders

  •  Pelvic problems

  •  Hamstrings

  •  Lower back pain and sciatica

  •  Hip pain, foot and ankle pain

  •  Heel spurs and gout

  •  Plantar fascititis

  •  Arm/wrist pain/carpel tunnel

  •  Tennis/ golfers elbow

  •  Headaches

  •  Sports injuries/  Improves sports performance

  •  Allows greater mobility and range of movement/flexibility.

  •  Helps alignment of hips and shoulders and much more.

Surgery sucks!!!

Richard Rossiter and his Partner Sue MacDonald have co wrote an instructional book on The Rossiter System called 'Surgery Sucks!!!! Fix you body without needles, knives, scalpels, 'scopes', Lasers... or other sharp stuff! This brings a touch of humor.  Unless it’s absolutely necessary these interventions should be avoided or used only as a last resort. You live in your body, Who could know better than you what you feel? As Rossiter says - if you want to do Rossiter, its Rock and roll!  Intense, focused work for quick effective pain relief.

For more detailed information and pictures read this article Step out of pain from Massage and Bodywork magazine.

For Rossiter sessions see Price List.


For Appointment or Enquiries

Tel: Warrington (01925) - 634518

Email: info@sharonemeryholistictherapies.com


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